The Salem Library was first established in 1804. However, the Library Company of Salem disbanded from 1809-1843. Twenty years later in 1863, John Tyler revived the cause of having a library open to the public.

The Salem Free Public Library has been in use ever since and is the 2nd oldest operating public library in New Jersey.

SFPL’s current building was built 1885 by architect George Hewitt. It boasts of a high victorian romanesque style which was very popular for that time. Now, in the 21st century, it is our desire to maintain its historic charm while offering modern access to information.

 About SFPL

Salem Free Public Library

The Salem Free Public Library is a municipal library and as such is supported, in part by, city revenue. In addition, the Library has had three passionate advocates who have set up trust-funds for the on-going support of SFPL, so that the citizens of Salem might always have access to knowledge.

We thank the memories of:





for their generosity and commitment to the Salem community.